[rescue] SPARCprinter available and card.

laz at moaa.net laz at moaa.net
Sat Apr 12 14:46:24 CDT 2003

Hi folks, 
  I have a Sun Sparc Printer, and the SBUS card for it available in 
  southern NH.  Pick up only please, offers of interesting trades,
  little cash, or 12V 17-18Ah UPS batteries would be of interest.
  do NOT have the cable that goes from the SBUS card to the DB25 
  on the printer.

  Also have a stack of old Sparc 4's and 5's, some of those can go,
  and some sparc 1's with dead ID proms, and maybe even some 2's.

  if anybody is thinking about buying new APC ups, have 4 3000 va 
  dead rack mount UPS's that can be used for trade in to APC that 
  gets your the wholesale price on the new UPS's, but the new ones 
  must be as big or bigger then the ones traded in.

  laz at moaa.net

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