Subject: [rescue] HP 1640a serial data analyzer

Bill McDermith bill_mcdermith at
Sat Apr 12 14:26:29 CDT 2003

>Hi Lads
>I've got a chance next week to pick up an HP 1640a serial data analyer.
>I've been googling like mad, but I haven't ben able to pick up a single
>piece of information about its specifications or capabilities. 
>I'm guessing that this equipment must be either unpopular, or old, or both.
>Does anyone have any information about it?

I'll poke around and see if I still have a manual for this somewhere... 
I worked at the HP division
where they were built... I also have a few 1640 boards floating around, 
but I don't know if they
still work...  As I recall it was a pretty straight-forward serial 
analyzer, mainly rs232, though I think with
the correct probes it could do current-loop, etc. The front panel has 
all the possiblilites on it...

Good luck!

Bill McDermith

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