[rescue] HP 1640a serial data analyzer

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Sat Apr 12 13:42:31 CDT 2003

>I've got a chance next week to pick up an HP 1640a serial data analyer.

I'd be sure to get input pods (if it uses 'em) and the books, too.  A lot
of the older logic analyzers are nearly worthless without the pods, as they
can be hard to find.  Tek, it seems, was bad about using goofy little
connectors, which makes it more difficult to kludge up a LA pod.  Since the
1640a is a _serial_ data analyzer, it might not use goofy pods, which would
be a big bonus.

>I've been googling like mad, but I haven't ben able to pick up a single
>piece of information about its specifications or capabilities. 

I've checked through some of my old Tucker catalogs and came up with nada.


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