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Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Sat Apr 12 13:23:38 CDT 2003

Please contact Mr. Jones directly.  Surely someone can save this..

Can someone also forward to classiccmp?


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Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2003 11:11:25 -0700
To: mrbill at pdp11.org
From: Douglas L Jones <dlj9 at earthlink.net>
Subject: PDP11-34

DEC PDP11 Rescuer:

We have a PDP11/34 & 2 RK-05j drives with ~16 disk packs (some with RT-11 
v.4 software) and a 6' DEC rack with power panel that needs a good 
home!  We also have an 11/04 with a few boards and an RX-02 dual 8" floppy 
drive unit.  The /34 worked from 1979 till 2001 when we converted over to a 
PC system.  The /04 was last operated in the mid '80s.  We also have a lot 
of "paper" to go with them!

Recycling them in some form would be much preferred to dumping in a land 
fill, but we need to get rid of them very soon.  The "no cost to us" option 
would be great, if you have a mechanism for accomplishing that.  Let me 
know when the truck will be at our front door!

Douglas Jones
Laboratory Director

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 8123 SW 184th Ave    OMEGA ANALYTICAL SERVICES    dlj9 at earthlink.net
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bill bradford
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austin, texas

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