[rescue] Re: HP 1640a serial data analyzer

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Sat Apr 12 11:06:03 CDT 2003

>> Hi Lads
>> I've got a chance next week to pick up an HP 1640a serial data analyer.
>> I've been googling like mad, but I haven't ben able to pick up a single
>> piece of information about its specifications or capabilities.
>> I'm guessing that this equipment must be either unpopular, or old, or both.
>> Does anyone have any information about it?
>When are you likely to pick it up?
>I can probably find blurb on that.
>Steven Hill

Thanks Steven. I'd definitely be interested in anything you can turn up. It
is part of an ex-university rescue consignment I'll be picking it up on
Tuesday (I may also be getting an Axil 320 and an AS2000).

Altavista threw up the following reference for the 1640a:


The suggestion that it was released in 1978 doesn't fill me with a lot of
hope, but serial protocols are pretty simple and HP test gear is (was) well
known for its quality. So fingers crossed.



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