[rescue] Re: Why is everyone so OSX happy?

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Fri Apr 11 23:02:54 CDT 2003

>Also, I should also declare my support for Dave in his quest for SCSI 
>purity.  The only IDE drives I own are in laptops, and it will stay that 
>way until the day I die.  I even managed to "find" a SCSI card and 18Gb 
>unipack for my sunblade 100 at work, the standard IDE drive was donated to 
>some peecee person.

<aol>Me too</aol>

I'm pretty server-centric, so my views don't really represent the
requirements of general purpose computing. However I'd put myself firmly in
the SCSI purity camp as well. The only IDE system I own is my Thinkpad.

There is no question to me that new SCSI equipment is overpriced, but I
also think it offers clear performance benefits over both IDE and
USB/Firewire hardware for most disk-intensive tasks.

I'm really happy that Western Digital are just about ready to release
10krpm Serial-ATA drives (they have no SCSI product lines) as I expect the
cost of new SCSI disks will fall slightly.



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