[rescue] X11 0n mainframes...

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 11 22:04:48 CDT 2003

I used to work for a company that was busy converting a massive PL/I
program that used IMS as it's database to Sun boxes running Oracle &
C++ based code. I was having a conversation with the project manager,
and asked him why they were converting the code. His answer stunned me:
"The users wanted a GUI interface." He turned bone-white when I told
him that an IBM mainframe could drive an X11 terminal.

It never occured to him to ask that question (mainframes can't do

But, since we were 3 years into a 5 year conversion, it wasn't worth
discussing it any further... ;^)


"Nothing would please me more than being able to hire ten
programmers and deluge the hobby market with good software"
Bill Gates, in "An OpenLetter to Hobbyists" dated February 3, 1976
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