[rescue] Why is everyone so OSX happy?

Chris Hedemark chris at yonderway.com
Fri Apr 11 20:14:16 CDT 2003

On Friday, April 11, 2003, at 08:16 PM, N. Miller wrote:

> If you really want to do video, go for the G4, not the iBook.  But be
> careful about which Ti you get.  And, get Applecare--it's worth it's
> weight.

The 12" has a number of serious design flaws.  For one, they get darned 
hot (but that is expected anymore with laptops).  More importantly, 
they rock when set on a flat surface as if the thing had half a twist 
in it.

I have the 15" model from last year and love it.  It's great for video 
editing (I use Final Cut Express).

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