[rescue] Why is everyone so OSX happy?

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Fri Apr 11 18:52:46 CDT 2003

On Wednesday, April 9, 2003, at 02:52 PM, Kevin wrote:
> No i don't have any laptops of my own, at least none
> that are modern and are up and running, there's no
> telling what's in storage.  I do have an old SHARP 8086
> laptop, there's no IDE on that either... also have an
> old PowerBook 140, that's SCSI, all 40 megs of it.
> Have you tried to donate stuff to a non-profit lately?
> Last year i had a few boxes full of crap (486 EISA
> server, Win98 licences, books cabling external
> PCMCIA CDROMs, low end Pentium laptops, two SCSI
> CDROM towers and such) to give away at my place of
> business and we called all around, couldn't find anyone
> to come and take it.  The only stipulation was that if
> you took any of it you had to take it all.  So now i'm
> supposed to find a place to donate a low end, medium
> (barely by todays standards) capacity HD or try and
> sell it for what, $20 after i've spent $120 in time
> doing so?  If i knew someone who wanted it who could
> come and get it that would have been different but that
> was not the situation.

   That *sucks*.  If I were you, I might try looking for a 
church-related or children's assistance group that sets up freebie 
computers for people.  I believe Linc Fessenden is involved with one of 
these, and I think he's on this list...Linc?


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