[rescue] Why is everyone so OSX happy?

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Fri Apr 11 18:33:46 CDT 2003

Chris Hedemark wrote:
 > Old Macs used to be SCSI boxen but the later model ones have been IDE
 > from the factory for years (even Power Macs)

   No shit.  I've bought a few new Macs over the years.  I didn't say a 
damn thing about WHAT THEY ARE SHIPPED WITH BY DEFAULT.  I was talking 

Patrick Giagnocavo +1.717.201.3366 wrote:
 > Indeed.... many disk performance problems go away when you add more
 > RAM (up to a point, of course).

   ...then it wasn't a disk performance problem in the first place!

 > And BTW, there is very little difference between a 7200rpm SCSI and
 > 7200rpm IDE drive these days, assuming that the IDE drivers don't
 > totally suck.

   Well no, I don't agree, as I've seen otherwise.

   Go ahead and run IDE...and send me your old crappy SCSI drives, 
because I apparently get much better performance out of them than you 


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