[rescue] Various and sundry FS/T

N. Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Fri Apr 11 17:15:38 CDT 2003


I need to clean up the house and hopefully make some cash 
(not yet moving, but currently jobless--hoping to end that soon,
as I am in the middle of a multi-round interview).

Anyway, I have some stuff that I thought some of you might 
be interested in (haven't finished the book inventory yet).
The list below only includes the "good" stuff.  A full list is at:

I still have some software to get rid of, too:

Sun Specific Stuff:
SS5 mobo, untested (no chassis) but presumed good
Axil311 currently w/no memory, no video. Has floppy, 1 Seagate ST11200N
HD. Two CPUs
270-2922-x04 SBus Turbo GX frame buffer Rev.01
WA-C301TA Cisco FDDI SBUS adaptor
C301T Cisco FDDI SBUS adaptor
525-1386-04 Fibre Channel SBus card (FC25/S) w/one FC Optical module
370-1401 Prestoserve cache card
4x 64MB S20 memory
6x 32MB SS20 memory

Generic Hardware:
5x 4GB 1.5" SCA HDs, Seagate Barracuda ST15150WC
2x IBM 1.05 GB HD, SCA; model DPES-31080
Seagate Hawk SCA model ST31200WC 
4x Exabyte HH CTS 8mm bare SCSI tape drives
5x "Parity System" JBOD SCSI disk trays in various states of disassembly,
no disks
Belkin adaptor that lets you connect a Sun desktop to a Belkin KVM
Two-port (PS/2 + VGA) Belkin KVM (not sure if I have all the cables for
128MB Compact Flash, Mr. Flash brand

Apple/Mac Stuff:
Apple ROM'd IBM Travelstar 10GB 2.5" HD, model DJSA-210.

Consumables, soft goods
3x Fuji DLT IV
5x 160M Sony D8 (8mm) data tapes

I am totally up for "horse trading", since most of this stuff has been
sitting around 
my house collecting dust for a while.  The trades I would be most
interested in:

Oxford 911 firewire case, w/ or w/out IDE HD in it (portable or deskside)
external USB floppy that will work with OS X
4MB or 8MB VRAM for SS20
9GB or larger 1" SCA SCSI HD
2x matched ROSS Hypersparcs for SS20
N64 console, controller, & games (looking for older Zelda titles)
PS2, Gamecube, GBA games
32MB or larger Smart Media card
Erotic literature anthologies. Yes, really! They sell very well on Amazon 
  Marketplace. :-)
128MB or larger low profile SDRAM for Pismo top slot
Battery for Pismo
Zip module for Pismo
iPod (A geek can dream, right?)

  N. Miller
  vraptor at promessage.com

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