[rescue] Homemade Racks? (now older Macs)

Joshua D. Boyd jdboyd at celestrion.celestrion.net
Fri Apr 11 10:35:42 CDT 2003

On Thu, Apr 10, 2003 at 10:44:37PM -0500, Kevin wrote:
> Yeah my 8100 runs an older version of Opcode Studio Vision,
> 4.x something or other.  I originally ran Studio Vision ver
> 1.x back in 1991 on a Mac IIci with an AudioMedia card. 
> Digital audio recording with an 80 meg hard drive and 5 megs
> of RAM. I miss those days:)

You can fit a reasonable amount of audio into that space.  The sound
card that got lost in the mail was an AudioMedia II.  The idea was to
run Vision DSP on a 7100 with this card.  Have my guitar initially
hooked to the analog inputs, have the outputs run to a set of monitors,
and have the digital inputs hooked to the digital outputs of a turtle
beach card in a linux machine running some virtual synthesis/sampling
software.  However, the card got lost, Opcode droped 601 support in the
latest version, and the linux machine ended up being reformatted for
windows to be my sisters computer because her P166 died.

And now I'm moving and won't have space for such a setup any way.
Bummer.  I was interested in doing a little composing, but I mainly
wanted it to be a practice rig. Just playing along with CDs doesn't
cut it for me, so I wanted to lay out some tracks for practicing
against, while recording the practice for analysis.  I don't know if I'm
even really going to keep up playing guitar.  It's rare that I play
anywhere but church, and after this month I'm going on at least a 2
month hiatus for even that.  Some how I never managed to get into a
band. :(

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