[rescue] Re: rescue Digest, Vol 5, Issue 29

robert_brooke gravitt brooke at gravitt.org
Fri Apr 11 09:22:12 CDT 2003

>I'm in the same boat, actually.  We just got given several older macs
>including a Quadra 650 and a Centris 650, but the majority of our
>daughters' educational games -- while they are Windows/Mac CDs --
>require a Power Mac.  This is a Quadra 840av, right?  Which would still
>be an '040.
>What'd be nice for the girls would be to get our hands on aPower Mac
>7100 or 8100.  Or better yet, an iMac.  But even a 7100 would likely
>have to wait until I'm working again ...  right now we have trouble just
>scraping up enough parts to keep the machines we have running.  We've
>had a spate of hardware failures recently.

Hey, contact me off-list. I have a couple 8500s gathering dust in a closet if you can arrange somehow to get one if them. I'd say I'd send them to you but I am the world's worst at getting thisngs pack up and sent off ( still have a nice iKey for Bill on my desk in a box waiting to be mailed when I get a minute) ;-)

I'm just outside atlanta, ga. 

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