[rescue] Ton's of free stuff and stuff for sale (last round of my moving sale)

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Fri Apr 11 00:05:56 CDT 2003

> Err, something like an 8500 with a G3 card should do both.  The tricky
> part might be a video card, but I think some Rages were supported by
> both on PPC.

Hum... wouldn't OSX run like a dog on a 8500, basically the system has a
45Mhz bus. I have a 8500 with a G3 upgrade board, I did overclock the
system to 55Mhz but it gets a little unstable at times.

Also I read that OSX would not enable the L2 cache on the G3 board, so it
may run even slower on G3 upgraded macs...

Aaaahhhh, one day I will have my OSX machine (i.e. when I stop being a
poor grad student, which with the current economy will be a while), I
still lust after one of those G4s just so I can run OSX as my main

Any donations to the javi's college fund :-).

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