[rescue] Ton's of free stuff and stuff for sale (last round of my moving sale)

deanders at pcisys.net deanders at pcisys.net
Thu Apr 10 20:27:42 CDT 2003

At 07:58 PM 4/10/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>On Thursday, April 10, 2003, at 07:15 PM, deanders at pcisys.net wrote:
>> Interesting. I wasn't aware that BeOS would run on a G3, even an 
>> upgrade
>> card; I'll have to look into that.
>   I ran it on a 604e, man.

Well, I knew it would run on the earlier PPC Macs, I just wasn't aware that
it'd work with a G3 (I know Be specifically said that it wouldn't run on
G3s, but they weren't talking about upgrade cards...).

Doing a bit of Googling shows that, yes, BeOS *will* run on a G3 upgrade
card. Nifty. It just doesn't like the motherboards Apple used in the G3 Macs.

('Course, I probably couldn't run OS X on the same system, but that's
okay--while I'd eventually like a system running OS X, I'd prefer something
a bit more recent than a system upgraded with a G3.)

>> (As long as I'm dreaming, a G4 in a 20th Anniversary Macintosh form 
>> factor
>> would be pretty cool. :)
>   I've got a 20th Anniversary Mac with a 300MHz G3 in it for 
>sale...it's about to go up on eBay...it can be yours! ;)

I noticed you mentioning it, and I'd love to get it--but I'm a poor college
student who really can't afford to spend ~$750 on a new computer right now
(or for the forseeable future). :)

Derek Andersen

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