[rescue] Ton's of free stuff and stuff for sale (last round of my moving sale)

deanders at pcisys.net deanders at pcisys.net
Thu Apr 10 18:15:40 CDT 2003

At 01:45 PM 4/10/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>PowerComputing with Sonnet G3/400mhz
>128MB Ram
>Beos 5 loaded right now
>TwinTurbo 128+
>4.5gb SCSI

Interesting. I wasn't aware that BeOS would run on a G3, even an upgrade
card; I'll have to look into that. I played around with BeOS for a while
(used it full-time on a laptop for about a year, which was really a waste
of time--BeOS and PCMCIA just don't go together, not to mention the joy of
unaccelerated video), but I've never had appropriate hardware--and I've
never really felt like putting together a system specifically to run it. 

(I usually only mess around with alternate x86 operating systems (i.e.,
other than Linux or Windows) on my laptops, since they're usually the least
critical systems I have--not that any of my systems are actually
*critical*, since I'm just a student, but you get the idea.)

Getting a Mac would have its advantages; being able to run BeOS on it would
be nice, but I'd have a pretty hard time finding a system that'd run both
OS X and BeOS. :)

(Well, what I'd *really* like to get is a BeBox, but that's pretty unlikely.)

Derek Andersen

(As long as I'm dreaming, a G4 in a 20th Anniversary Macintosh form factor
would be pretty cool. :)

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