[rescue] Novell Lan WorkPlace - Windows X11 client?

Steve Sandau ssandau at bath.tmac.com
Thu Apr 10 16:14:39 CDT 2003

>>When I needed one, I used X-win32 http://www.starnet.com/. Nice,
>>small, moderately priced ($60 for students) and unobtrusive which are
>>not things you hear about either Hummingbird or Exceed.
> Yes, but those are X servers.  X terminology is backwards; the "server" is
> the part you look at, the "client" is the part that runs on the host.
> The OP was talking about an X client for Windows ... i.e. something that
> runs on a Windows machine and allows you to have access to it remotely,
> viewing it through an X server like Hummingbird, X-Win32, Xfree86-Cygwin,
> etc.

If you're comfortable with telnet and setting $DISPLAY, M/X Win is 
functional and free. I think it comes with twm, but I believe that there 
is a way to use your whole desktop (whatever it might be) with the right 


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