[rescue] Ton's of free stuff and stuff for sale (last round of my moving sale)

Thomas Gallaway tgallaway at comcast.net
Thu Apr 10 12:45:18 CDT 2003

Hi all

This is the last batch of stuff that I have dug out that has to leave
befor I move end of this month. I wont be able to store much at my new
place as I am trying to save some money so. (It breaks my heart to let
this stuff go).

Contact me off list please.

All is located in Burke, VA. I will give you guy's first bid on that stuff.
I probably going to put it up on e-bay in a few day's for the stuff nobody
wants (or toss the free stuff). Like I said if you want to swing by some
day if your in the area let me know. I might fill up your car with stuff that
I want to get rid off :-).

Free stuff:
- 3com 100mbit hub 8port with extra snmp management module (2pieces 19")
- Shiva Lanrover 4port terminal server (19")
- HP 4port Ethernet Analyzer? (Has 4 10mbit ports and RS232) (19")
Appreantly has a MIPS cpu inside. Checks for all kind of networking issues.
- 1gb and 4gb SCSI harddrives (bunch of them)
- Several SCSI cables (scsi-2 and scsi-3 and the small plug -> scsi-3)
- A few PowerPC Processor's 604e's I belive (the old ones I pulled from the
- SparcServer 1000 Memory
- Div. SCSI and Network cards
- 4port serial port card ISA
- Div. SBUS cards (video mostly)

Stuff for sale:

Sun AXI 360Mhz
Antec Case (nice and spacy)
256Mb ram
Elite-3d Video
9gb boot drive
Teac SCSI drive

Cycle 5/20 360Mhz
512Mb ram
PGX Video
2 * 9gb scsi
Nice custom case that kinda remindes me of
a sparc5 case just out of metal with pretty
cool mounts for harddisk's and other stuff!

SGI O2 R10k 175Mhz
192MB Ram
9gb scsi drive
O2 video option
o2 cam
IRIX 6.5.17

Exabyte EXB-480 Tape Library
4 Mamooth drives (20/40)
80 tape capacity
90 tapes included! (80 tapes barcoded)
Barcode scanner
1.6Tb uncompressed/ 3.2Tb compressed
Rackmount rails
$10/tape plus $400 for the library
so total of $1300

UMAX S900 with Sonnet G3/500mhz
512MB Ram Interleaved (128bit)
4.5gb boot drive (but I can give you a 9gig if you want)
ZIP Drive
2 * TwinTurbo 128+ (dual head)

PowerComputing with Sonnet G3/400mhz
128MB Ram
Beos 5 loaded right now
TwinTurbo 128+
4.5gb SCSI

4 * FC-AL 36gb Drives
4 * t-cards complete with wires and db9 connector at end
Interphase 5526 FC-AL Controller (works under solaris 7)

Bay Networks Accelar 1200
48port 10/100
dual GBit
19" case
But no back cover to it.

All kinds of stuff that I'm willing to give away. If you want to swing
by some day your welcome to. All kinds of cables and stuff.


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