[rescue] Price estimate for used raised-floor

Paul Hortiatis ph009j at mail.rochester.edu
Thu Apr 10 12:10:50 CDT 2003

I've built racks befor not for computer equip, for sound gear. It is very
hard to make them so all the equipmnet fit right, When i do it i usualy get
the rails, which leaves very little room for error, if your plannin on using
the wood instead of rails it makes it a little easier, but won't last as
long if you take stuf in and out of it often, the wood breaks down.

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> > And it is my department that helps ensure that.  We do some rather
> > greulling tests including burning the stuff to change that the smoke
> > isn't toxic, and a machine that simulates someone walking on it for
> > years on end in stiletto heals.
> >
> You work for Armstrong?  Cool!
   Who said that? He just mentioned smoking floor shavings and a machine
simulates walking around in stiletto heels -- and lots of people do
that...don't they?
P.S. ObRescue: anyone have experience building their own racks out of
planks w/pine beams? Any problems?
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