[rescue] Top 10 Sun?

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Thu Apr 10 08:42:03 CDT 2003

>> 10. ULTRA 5
>I thought this was a list of the top-10 -best- Sun workstations, not the
>top-10 worst-performing and underengineered Sun workstations.  Next to
>its contemporaries (U30, U60), it's a festering heap of dung.  It has
>CMD640 IDE, for goodness' sake--the same IDE controller that caused
>Apple so much grief in the early G3 line!  Granted, it's a decent piece

How does something like this happen?  I can understand PeeCee mobo
companies in the far east slapping on whatever super I/O controller chip
the boss's brother in law is pimpin' that week, but Sun and Apple?  For
christ's sake, do a proto and test it!


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