[rescue] Solaris n00b, wants to get some hardware.

William Enestvedt Will.Enestvedt at jwu.edu
Thu Apr 10 08:03:55 CDT 2003

Charlie Richards wrote:
> I am in Iowa, and unfortunately...
   Didn't you mean to type, "Unfortunately, I am in Iowa"? Just kidding: as a
native Minnesotan, there were many cold winter nights warmed only by with Iowa
jokes. Heck, my sister even married a guy she met in Des Moines (who, to our
relief, turned out to have grown up in Kansas City).
   But to your question: how close are you to Ames or Des Moines or another
college town? If you can find a relatively close college, hunt around their
web site until you can find some sort of contact that look like they handle
surplus systems.
   In many cases, "old junk" sits under desks -- I have two lunch-box Sparcs
and a Sparc 10 myself, which are actually going to get resurrected pretty
soon! -- which could be quietly handed off to a deserving party. A high school
student who's willing to teach himself Solaris would probably strike most .edu
techies as a worthy cause!
   Also check with your HS's business or computer teacher, as they may know
someone at one of the colleges who can hook you up. (Never sneer at the
business teacher, even if he wears worse ties than the math teacher -- you
never know who can help you out!) You could even offer to trade them some work
for their help. :7)
   Anyway, worth a shot, and it'll only cost you some time on line.
Will Enestvedt
UNIX System Administrator
Johnson & Wales University -- Providence, RI

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