[rescue] 3rd dumb question DEC storageworks

Andrew Giedraitis andycadd at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 10 02:43:53 CDT 2003

I have a 7 disk enclosure with some sort of "identity module"

I've acquired various SBB canisters and drives

what do all those different model #'s mean   BA356-PA.....BA.....xx ...vw....

is there any resource available to help me sort this all out.

are any HVD   or can I jsut mix an match   the cannisters

I attached it to a DEC windows server but it seems "very slow" compared to the
drives in the SBB's already in the server

thats all for tonite

I have questions on Intergraph(intel)   SGI (intel)    Marathon(umax)  and sun
ultra axii coming soon

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