[rescue] dumb questions I have many.....SGI indigo2

Andrew Giedraitis andycadd at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 10 02:29:32 CDT 2003

I have many workstations networked (pending.....)
it's just a hobby of mine

I recently acquired some diskless SGI indigo2's

I've read up on the units and have acquired the trays and installed some
drives they detect fine with the hinv command
but I go to install and I can't get around the lack of a "label" and/or
swapfile area to get the install started, (a place to put the temporary files
during the install) is there anyway to label an SGI disk from a sun,
linux(intel),intel,or Mac

any SGI owners near Vernon CT

my email is andycadd at earthlink.net

another question to follow about a raid

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