[rescue] RE: Solaris n00b, wants to get some hardware.

phoetoid phoetoid at pyrospheric.net
Wed Apr 9 23:01:27 CDT 2003

I am in Iowa, and unfortunately, I am also still in HS (I'm a junior.
Don't worry, I know my fair share of computer stuff, been playing with
free/net/openBSD and slackware for 3 years now..CCNA, going for MCSE
(waste of time) and A+ certified to start with)  but I haven't been able
to find anything local. I was going to go ebay, but shipping is too
expensive for even a cheap box. So I turned to this list.
[ Charlie Richards - phoetoid at pyrospheric.net ]   

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On Wed, 2003-04-09 at 22:47, phoetoid wrote:
> This is kind of an odd request, but I'll ask anyways. I am only a
> student, but I would like to get into some Solaris type of stuff, and
> have no idea where to start to look for a good basic Solaris box to
> with. Or, if there is some _old_ ghetto heavy metal anyone wants to
> rid of in the Midwest, I would be willing to buy/trade for it. But I
> really just want to see what I can find for some good learning on the
> Solaris OS, on a sparc box. I'm very sorry if I shouldn't be asking
> on this list, but it's the one place I thought I could get a
> answer, so thanks in advance!

Where in the midwest are you?  I'm in northern indiana, and have more
sparc5's than i know what to do with.  If you're looking for something
to just do some console work on, a sparc5 might do it for you.  If not,
you might check to see if your school (i'm assuming a college in this
case) has a surplus outlet that might sell old computer stuff.  They can
be a goldmine sometimes.

	-Dan Sikorski

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