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Wednesday, April 9, 2003, 6:13:24 PM, you wrote:

> As I understand it, for heavy 3D the R5000/180 is better with the XL24.

  I don't have either XZ for Indy nor 180MHz R5000 but I always wanted
  to give at least a try with XZ on R5000/150 (in comparison to
  XL8/24). I believe on R5000 XL isn't always superior to XZ graphics,
  but so far I haven't found the means to try it.

> Unfortunately, I don't have an XL24 framebuffers.

  I have one. 8bit/24bit doesn't seem to make a difference performance

> I can't say how much better it runs... the XZ is still a damn good
> framebuffer.

  At least for 3D. I think for 2D Express graphics (as in Elan for
  Indigo, XZ for Indy/Indigo2) sucks when using 2D stuff like dragging
  windows around in X.

> Wether or not the 3D engines on the XZ can be not used (which would
> allow you to do the 3D calcs on the R5000 and just use the XZ as a
> dumb (ala XL24) framebuffer) I do not know.

  As far as I know the the hardware 3D engines are used as soon as
  they are present. My bet is that R5K/XZ is nice (in quite relative
  terms) when doing light 3D stuff with a small amount of textures, as
  3D would be done on the graphics board while texture calculations
  could be done on the CPU (but I might be terribly wrong here).

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