[rescue] Giveaway/trade near Baltimore: bunch of older Sun stuff

Rich Kulawiec rsk at gsp.org
Tue Apr 8 07:51:49 CDT 2003

I'm still working on the list, so this may be near mythological proportions
in terms of its inaccuracy.  But I'd like to find someone local/regional
who will give this pile o' stuff a good home, in which case I'll either
give it away or trade it for a handful (2-4) working Sparc 2 ID PROMs to
replace the ones that have fallen down and gone boom in the few SS2 boxes
I'll probably keep.  If someone's reasonably close, I'll load it in the
car and meet them halfway, etc.

So here goes:

Qty 1  Big honking heavy Sun color monitor (black case -- it was painted, nope,
	not by me).  I'll snag the model number later, but it's old.

Qty 4 SparcStation 2 with 64M installed memory (tested), floppy.  Bad ID PROMS
	though.  Various framebuffers -- a working CG3 in one, a maybe working
	CG3 in another, a working/questionable GX in another, working GX in
	yet another etc.  These systems were all working the last time I plugged
	them in a month or so ago.

Qty 3 standard-issue SUN424 disk drives
Qty 1 Conner 3P3540 FH 500M drive
Qty 1 Maxtor 7213SR 200M drive
	Working.  Will probably put them into some of the Sparc 2's above,
	so this will include the plastic drive sled/caddie thingy and
	the SCSI and power connectors, so you can always pull these drives
	and put in big noisy hot ones. ;-)  I'm also pretty sure that there
	are some working 1G drives here that can go in the pile.

Qty 2 Bagged sets of 64M memory for SS2, i.e. 16 4-M SIMMS.
	(This works in IPX's, too, doesn't it?)  I plugged these in and
	tested them 7/2001, then bagged them up for future use, then never
	used them.  Can't find them at the moment but I *know* they're here.

Qty 2 Sparcstation 2 CPU chips.  (I upgraded two machines with Weiteks.)
Qty 1 Sparc 10 speakerbox -- I don't have a way to test this.

Qty 1 Sparc 2-style floppy caddy.  This is the little plastic piece that
	you screw the FD drive to and then slide into the machine.  It's
	similar to the caddies that the SCSI drives go in, but slightly
	different in size/shape.

Those last several items are also shippable, but (except for the Sparc-10
speaker) this whole enchilada is probably best housed with someone who wants
to play mix-n-match with Sparc 2 (or IPX, etc.) hardware and so can make use
of all of it.  I'll also throw in whatever else I find that looks relevant/useful.


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