[rescue] DECconcentrator 900MX FDDI setup

Paul Weissmann paul at doorslam.net
Mon Apr 7 04:03:36 CDT 2003

	I just got an used FDDI concentrator from DEC, a 900MX
that is installed in a DEChub one. This DEChub has a RJ45-connector
for a serial setup port at the back.

Since I wanted to review the 900MX's configuration I hooked it up
via the setup port to the next UNIX box. I used a serial cable
normally used for Cisco routers.

But I don't get any output from the serial port when running e.g.
cu(1). Serial cfg was 9600-8n1. Trying a Windows computer runnning
TeraTerm yielded also no results.

>From what I can tell the concentrator boots up fine, looking in the
manual and watching the LEDs.

Has someone a clue what may went wrong or what I may did wrong?
Or is there some way to hard-reset the concentrator/hub?


	- paul

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