[rescue] UPS batteries, west coast

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On kind of a side note to this, if you ever want to EXPAND the capacity
of the backup..you can use a couple of deep cycle marine batteries
connected in place of the regular ups' batteries. I have three UPS
1000's with this setup, and they will run 5 servers for well over 6
hours...but then the batteries have to be trickle charged back to full
capacity...but its a lot of uptime. You can also do it with the smaller
ones too, using lawn mower, or motorcycle batteries, just as long as you
have two of them again. Just my 2 cents
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> If the unit is not in warranty, you can probably just
> replace the batteries with the generic standard part
> numbers and not the "specific" manufacturer parts
> numbers.  For example, I have several APC and several
> Deltec units.  Recently they too needed new bateries.
> Looking up the manufacturer specific model number
> cross reference, I found that to buy the APC or Deltec
> specific part number was outrageous.  But to buy the
> "generic" sets of CSB GP6110F2 batteries (which was
> the exact same battery as the APC or Deltec MINUS the
> fancy part number) was about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost.
> While this methodology probably wouldn't fly in the
> corporate environment - it works well in the home
> environment & budget...

I had good luck doing just that. I took the specs for the batteries over
to the local place that carries motorcycle batteries and such. He fixed
me up for half the cost of ordering them from the mfr, and I didn't have
to wait for delivery; he had them in stock.


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