[rescue] Re: Storage Edge Purchase

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Sun Apr 6 18:44:23 CDT 2003

>Well the guy told me.. take all 4 D1000's and get 50% off. 
>So I did.. hmm now to get a differential RAID Controller.. 
>Any suggestions for PC/PCI SPARC/PCI  Differential Raid ?
>Any suggestions for differential RAID?

I've had good results with D1000 arrays and QLogic QLA1041 differential
cards. This is a single channel UW differential card and can do 40MBps. The
interface is 32/33 PCI.

I've seen used ones on EBay reasonably frequently for around $35-40.
They're often found in old Alphaservers. IIRC the Sun PCI differential
controller is this same Qlogic card with some additional Openboot firmware
in the PROM.

If you want to make your D1000 sing, buy two controllers and the array in a
split bus configuration (six drives per channel).

QLogic linkage -



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