[rescue] Ultra SPARC purchase

rescue at sunhelp.org rescue at sunhelp.org
Sun Apr 6 14:41:52 CDT 2003

>> You forgot to add the enclosure;  a U5 can hold one drive just fine, 
>> two with some work.  Five or six and you need a separate enclosure.  
>> That adds a bit to the cost.

>It can hold two very easy, if you're willing to give up the floppy

Hmm.  I would have put it as, "An U5 holds one IDE drive by default,
a second can be added pretty easily, and a third can be added if
you're willing to give up the floppy drive (or CD-ROM) and fiddle with
it". But more than three disks total in there is a pain, and *any*
internal SCSI in an U5 is just too friggin painful in my experience.
Not enough places to route cables, even after one acquires a supported
PCI SCSI card.


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