[rescue] new ultra 2

Stephen Sandau ssandau at bath.tmac.com
Sat Apr 5 15:23:37 CST 2003

So, I have my new Ultra 2. I fired it up (with working peripherals from
my SS5) and got a boot banner, but no ok prompt.

I took it apart reseated everything and put it back together again. Same
thing. I found I could get an ok prompt by hitting stop-a as soon as the
screen lit up.

All the basic diags look OK. A little extra info: "CE DMA fill from
address ffef8000 for 80 bytes" and the failure of the non-existent

Now when I try to boot from the CD, hard drive or nic, I get "Watchdog
Reset" and "Externally Initiated Reset" and then an ok prompt again.
I'll try removing some of the memory, one of the CPUs and the HDD.

Any other ideas?


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