[rescue] PrecisionBook and HP-UX 11i

Paul Weissmann paul at doorslam.net
Sat Apr 5 06:21:52 CST 2003

Just a short update on the Subject.

I just installed HP-UX 11.11 (11i) via an external DEC RRD42 onto
my RDI PrecisionBook 160. I used a IBM ``DKLA-24320'' 4.32GB 2.5"
IDE drive in one of the drive-trays.

The install went smoothly and HP-UX is running now w/o a hitch.

Two points:

 o I'd be interested in the PrecisionBook CD from RDI. There is
supposed to be some kind Power-Management software and, more
interesting, a driver for the PCMCIA bays.

 o I purchased my system from ``rainbow-lincoln'' off ebay.com.
It was a very straight international transaction. Shipment was
fast, the units were nicely packaged. As they arrived, one was
damaged, i.e. did not power up at all. Upon complaint, I received
a replacement unit withing one week. My best recommendations.

	- paul

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