[rescue] Anyone ever use an LX for ppp?

Michael Schiller schiller at agrijag.com
Sat Apr 5 03:31:54 CST 2003


On Friday, April 4, 2003, at 03:35 PM, Clayton Wheeler wrote:

> I have an LX running OpenBSD, and though I haven't used a modem on it, 
> I do have a Wyse serial terminal attached as a console. At terminal 
> speeds over 2400 baud, I get garbage characters and missed characters, 
> especially when hitting Return in the shell. I've played with OpenBSD 
> terminal driver settings and the terminal settings to no avail, and I 
> see the same thing when I hook it up to another machine with a 
> null-modem cable, so I think it just has crappy serial ports. Perhaps 
> you're seeing the same thing? Have you tried operating the modem at 
> 2400 baud (groan)?

I have an LX, and a Classic, and I've used both of them with serial 
terminals at 9600bps without a bit of problem. What am I doing 
differently than you? I'm running Solaris. I also had linux installed 
on the Classic for a while, and also used a serial terminal at 9600bps. 
Is it possible that there's just a bug in the OpenBSD serial code for 
sparc? Or perhaps a bug in the LX/Classic firmware that Solaris works 

- -Mike
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