[rescue] 600MP gear, etc

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Apr 4 22:38:44 CST 2003

I replied to this shortly after you sent it.... but I'm not sure if my
reply got out (I just upgraded my mailserver, and I did have one thing
wrong I had to tweak.... so if this is a dupe... sorry).

I'm very interested in the 150 chassis, but would require shipping.
I would obviously pay for the shipping, plus some $$ for you for taking
the time to pack and ship.

I am also interested in a 600MP memory expansion board.

I've been wanting a 150 enclosure for a while so I can play with some
VME boards I have... and the only chassis I have are 110 which simply
don't offer enough slots to do much other than run things like 4300,
4600.  I have a brande new VX/MVX graphics setup I'd like to play with,
I've got a Sun 3/470 mainboard and memory boards that I'd like to play
with.... problem is for anything like that I need more than 3 slots :-(
A 150 would be perfect.

I am in Sharon, MA (zip 02067)

-- Curt

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>From: Robert Novak <rnovak at indyramp.com>
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>Subject: [rescue] 600MP gear, etc
>Hi all,
>If any of you were waiting on me to get my 600MP gear out, drop me a note
>offlist. I know two or three people have asked about it in the last year or 
>so, but I'm too distracted to dig through 133MB of compressed mail at the
>I have two 600MP system boards with updated prom sets, a memory board,
>a Jaguar IPI controller with cable and Zebra array, and a few enclosures
>of the 110, 330, and 150 varieties. I won't ship enclosures, although they
>are free[0] for local pickup. 
>I may have some CPUs around... although I think I owe dibs on the SM81s
>to someone out there (remind me?). There's also some memory for the boards.
>And for those of you within range of the bay area (San Francisco/San Jose,
>California), feel free to contact me about a scavenging tour of my 
>collection. Check the archives for a sampler list. My schedule is fairly 
>open, and a lot of it is free[0].
>[0] Contributions to the moving/storage fund are welcome, but on a lot
>of this I'd rather give it away to a good home than keep it, so I don't
>insist on the contributions. And they're not tax deductible, sorry.
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