[rescue] 600MP gear, etc

Robert Novak rnovak at indyramp.com
Thu Apr 3 12:52:12 CST 2003

Hi all,

If any of you were waiting on me to get my 600MP gear out, drop me a note
offlist. I know two or three people have asked about it in the last year or 
so, but I'm too distracted to dig through 133MB of compressed mail at the

I have two 600MP system boards with updated prom sets, a memory board,
a Jaguar IPI controller with cable and Zebra array, and a few enclosures
of the 110, 330, and 150 varieties. I won't ship enclosures, although they
are free[0] for local pickup. 

I may have some CPUs around... although I think I owe dibs on the SM81s
to someone out there (remind me?). There's also some memory for the boards.

And for those of you within range of the bay area (San Francisco/San Jose,
California), feel free to contact me about a scavenging tour of my 
collection. Check the archives for a sampler list. My schedule is fairly 
open, and a lot of it is free[0].


[0] Contributions to the moving/storage fund are welcome, but on a lot
of this I'd rather give it away to a good home than keep it, so I don't
insist on the contributions. And they're not tax deductible, sorry.

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