[rescue] IRIX Install Sanity

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Thu Apr 3 12:10:05 CST 2003

Well, Brian Hechinger and I performed a little experiment this week.  You
CAN do a miniroot install of IRIX over NFS.  It's faster, and it requires
less opening-up of the install server.

What you do is fairly simple:

   1) Copy your distribution to an NFS share.
   2) Move dist/sa, stand/fx.*, dist/unix.* to a tftp share.
   3) Notice that there is a unix.IP?? file for your system.  Replace
      this file with a kernel that has NFS support (that is, a kernel
      from a machine that had NFS installed on it).  So, if you're
      planning to reinstall IRIX, back up your kernel first.  If you're
      just starting out, ask a friend with the same family machine for a
      kernel.  I -cannot- imagine why the miniroot kernel has NFS
      support stripped out, as NFS makes the install -so- much nicer.
   4) Boot the miniroot like normal.
   5) When you're inside of inst, drop to a shell prompt, mount the nfs
      share, exit back to inst, and point inst at the mountpoint.

Voila!  An IRIX install without rcp/rsh/rexec crap!

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