[rescue] FDDI board for sale/trade/Question about 8mm repair/refurb

Rich Kulawiec rsk at gsp.org
Wed Apr 2 13:24:49 CST 2003

I happen to have a Network Peripherals SBus DAS FDDI board (2 SBus slots),
apparently part number 105-0126-04.  I don't know if it works, because
I have no way to test it -- but it came out of a Sparc 20 that I bought,
and everything else in there works perfectly, so I suppose I have no reason
to suspect that it's broken.

I also have no idea what it's worth, but since everyone here other than
me seems to have memorized the part numbers, specs, original prices,
current prices, and configuration options for every piece of hardware
out there, I'm sure somebody knows. ;-)

Stuff I'm looking for: TCX-S24, >4G SCA disks, and (still) that stupid
168-pin DIMM (5v, 60ns, 2k refresh, 64bit, EDO) for an Apple PPC 6400/200.

The question about 8mm: does anybody know a good place to have 8mm (Exabyte)
drives repaired/cleaned/refurbed?  I've got three that probably could all
stand to be fussed over, but I don't want to pay more for that than what
I could pay to just buy new used ones.


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