[rescue] 711 vs. 214 Sun Arrays

rescue at sunhelp.org rescue at sunhelp.org
Wed Apr 2 09:01:16 CST 2003

> I'm thinking about getting an array to use with my Ultra1.  
> I'm considering both the 711 Ultra Multipack and the 214 RSM.
>  I'm  particularly interested in the sound level.  I've heard
> a 214 and it seems tolerable.  The fan in the 711 looks huge.  

Huh?  I have a 3/4 loaded 711 in the same room as a 3/4 loaded
RSM-214 shelf.  Absolutely *no* comparison in the sound level--
the RSM-214 with both power supplies (on 120VAC power) sounds
like a hovercraft even without disks.  The fan in the 711 sounds
more like a low-power PC power supply...which it pretty much
is.  I think that the 711 power supply is only rated for 135
watts--which seemed a little surprising to me (I have the 12-slot)
but it does work.

The only advantages of an RSM 214 to me are:
  - redundant power supplies, more alarms/blinkenlights
  - HVD interface lets you put it further away from the
    host computer (I have a 25' cable between mine and the
    SS20 that serves as its front end)

but you *can* get LVD U80 SCSI disks working in a 711 Multipak
(which would give you much better usable bandwidth), while the
RSM 214 will never be faster than 20MB/sec.  (Nope, don't try
to use HVD-Ultra stuff in a 214...not a good idea.)


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