[rescue] Vesa Local Bus video cards

vance at neurotica.com vance at neurotica.com
Tue Apr 1 16:21:40 CST 2003

On Mon, 31 Mar 2003, Joshua D. Boyd wrote:

> Politically/socially AGP may be the VLB of today.  But AGP is derived
> from PCI with a faster pipe into memory.  It isn't a tap onto the CPU
> bus to my understanding.  I'm not sure why people don't focus on pushing
> the PCI standard instead of pushing AGP.  I mean, several manufactors
> make or made boards with mostly PCI33/32 but one or two PCI64/66 slots,
> and PCI 64/66 was about the same speed as the first 2 or 3 generations
> of AGP, so why not keep pushing PCI faster and still only provide one or
> two really good slots and a lot of slower ones?  Isn't modern AGP just
> pushing the clock rate faster over the older generations?  I realize
> that a few generations worked a new feature in, but aren't most of them
> just a clock bump?  That I'm less clear on.

Indeed.  The latest blazing fast IBM cards for CAD on RS/6K's are
133MHz/64-bit PCI and they don't have any trouble going really fast.

Peace...  Sridhar

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