[rescue] anyone else here on AT&T Broadband (now Comcast) ?

Thomas Gallaway tgallaway at comcast.net
Tue Apr 1 10:31:35 CST 2003

I never was able to send mail to certain ISP's (aol and some other's) from
mailserver without relaying it true the comcast mail server. It is that if
you run
a mailserver on an IP that they dont know, they wont let you send mail to
aol.com. But to get onto the accepted relay list you have to sign your life


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> I have not tried that yet.  I'm not sure if they would accept it...
> on how they have their box configured.... as I'm not using a comcast
> address which they may or may not require.....
> -- Curt
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> >>>Today I tried sending mail to an @aol.com address....
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> >>
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> >Are you using your ISP's relay for outgoing mail?
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> >KL
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