[rescue] anyone else here on AT&T Broadband (now Comcast) ?

Mike Johnson mike at enoch.org
Tue Apr 1 08:14:24 CST 2003

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. [rescue at hawkmountain.net] wrote:
> I run my own mailserver (yeah, I know they don't want you doing this) and
> it has always been great... almost no problems to speak of.
> Today I tried sending mail to an @aol.com address....


Note the 'If you are a COMCAST customer' line.

This seems to be a recent development of AOL and RoadRunner (there was
a lot of discussion about this on our local LUG list).  Noone seemed to
have an answer for sure, but it certainly looks like AOL recently
started using the DUL, or something like it.

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