[rescue] anyone else here on AT&T Broadband (now Comcast) ?

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Apr 1 00:25:04 CST 2003

I run my own mailserver (yeah, I know they don't want you doing this) and
it has always been great... almost no problems to speak of.

Today I tried sending mail to an @aol.com address....

Looks like comcast has "published" the dynamic IP range for cable
subscribers.... and aol uses this info to block the accepting of mail
from those IPs....  

I know AT&T Broadband didn't offer a static IP address (when I last
inquired).... I wonder about Comcast ?

I have places I could run a mailserver for free.... but I have a
sufficient pipe.... not like the bandwidth is any different if I host
the mail server vs download my mail from a server... same bandwidth,
same pipe.... same draconian policies....

So... anyone else discover this ?  Anyone know if Comcast offers
Static IPs, and if that gets around this problem (or are the static IPs
are listed in that list too) ?

-- Curt

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