[rescue] Sparc stand-alone memory test prog & SS5 jumper config

Adam Kropelin akropel1 at rochester.rr.com
Mon Feb 18 20:47:23 CST 2002

I need a good stand-alone (i.e., no OS required) RAM test prog to run on one 
of my SS5s. I am getting intermittent seg-faults during OS install that seem 
to be RAM related and I'd like to track down which module is bad. I'm 
envisioning a tool equivalent to memtest86 in the x86 world. PROM mem diags 
pass, of course, but it's only a 10 second test so I doubt its thoroughness.

Another possible culprit is the RAM timings because I am unsure of the right 
jumper settings for J103/J104. The silkscreening implies J104=on and J103=off 
for a 110 MHz CPU. But I've seen other references describe it the other way 
around. (<http://www.obsolyte.com/sun_ss5/>, for example). Can anyone 
describe how one is supposed to interpret the silkscreen? To me, "1" implies 
"jumper installed", but perhaps that is not the case here. Or perhaps "bit 1" 
and "bit 0" refer to J103/J104, respectively, instead of J104/J103 as the 
board layout implies. Confused yet? I am...


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