[rescue] NetApp drives

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Tue Dec 31 12:06:14 CST 2002


I'm the proud new owner of a NetApp 630 (Mmmm - shiny chrome) with four SCSI
disk shelves. I have the drive cans, but the drives themselves were pulled
for destruction by the recovery house where I got the filer.

A couple of questions- I know my old NetApp 450 was picky about which drives
it would talk to based on the SCSI ID tag. I assume the same is true of the
newer filers. But- do the drives need any special NetApp firmware or other
somesuch to work? Anyone have some appropriate NetApp drives (SCSI SCA) they
would like to part with? The shelves I have are the STS2 with the
differential converter. If I load up the shelves, I might need some power
supply cans as well.

Otherwise, any pointers/help on running non-NetApp drives would be
appreciated. Google didn't turn up much of anything.

The price on the 630 was attractive enough that I'm willing to do some work
to get it functional. If I can't, at least I've got a nice 32U rack!

As an aside, I have a filer 1400 (rack mount, 486 based, works OK) that I
could be persuaded to part with, if anyone is interested.

The NetApp 450 is still humming away serving NFS for the rest of the house


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