[rescue] SGI RE2 on ebay - $450 BIN

Geoff Koehler koehler at shaw.ca
Tue Dec 31 08:54:40 CST 2002

Hi Gerhard and all,

Just wondering, are the power supplies for the predator rack dual voltage with the jumper, or only the single and twin tower power series??  I have two predator racks and it would be nice to move the one of them into another room without re-wireing the house.   BTW my deskside onyx runs on a 15A 110C circuit without any problems.  Ive never measured the actual power draw - I should do that.  The Challenge XL (34xR10000) on the other hand,  uses about 18A on the 240V dryer circuit - wheee! :)

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>   I'm not 100% sure about Onyxes/Challenges and the comment on page 35
>   of the Owners Guide (Deskside Onyx) is indeed a bit strange, but I
>   think SGI always used switchable power supplies (if possible).
>   Sometimes autoswitching PSUs (most workstations), sometimes the
>   switch was hidden by a sticker (Personal Iris) and somtimes it was
>   even buried under some sheetmetal and not a switch at all
>   (Powerseries PSUs had a "jumper" on the PSU itself).

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