[rescue] New List: LanPLEX

Kris Kirby kris at catonic.net
Tue Dec 31 02:54:52 CST 2002

Hi all. I've created yet another list on my majordomo-based listserv
called `lanplex' The Big Fat Hairy Idea is that those of us with LANPlex /
Corebuilder switches can get together and help each other out.

To subscribe, send an email to majordomo at lists.uninterruptible.net with
"subscribe lanplex" in the BODY. The list address itself will be
lanplex at lists.uninterruptible.net, or probably lanplex at catonic.net in the
near future. It will be a closed list, so you have to subscribe to post.

Have fun n junk n stuff....

Kris Kirby, KE4AHR  <kris at nospam.catonic.net>  TGIFreeBSD IM: 'KrisBSD'
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