[rescue] Woohoo!! New baby girl!

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> Very good!
> How about an update?  Is she coming home yet?
> Bill Martin

 Okay, so here's the update.  She has been weaned off the oxygen completely and
they've removed the tube that was down her throat into her stomach to make sure
they got all of the myconium out.  She is doing extremely well and the neo-
natologist said that the goal is to be able to send her home tomorrow with her
mother.  I was able to give her her first bath this evening and she's been 
nursing throughout the day.
  It turns out that the situation could have easily been much worse.  The OB/
GYN and the neonatologist said that had the labor lasted 20 more minutes then
the baby would be much sicker and that if it had lasted an hour longer then
she might have been stillborn.  She had her cord wrapped around her body and it
was being compressed severely from what they tell us.  Basically she would 
have done the equivalent of suffocating inside her mom is the way I understand
it.  Thank God it didn't happen. 
  This is our third child (first was born by Ceasarean -- he got stuck -- and
the other was a normal birth).  Seems like this one got the short end of the
stick as far as birth is concerned.  At least the other two got to room in with
their mother from the start.  The thing I'm most thankful for is that she's
healthy and will come home very soon.

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