[rescue] Want-To-Borrow Macintosh Power Supply

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Thu Dec 26 19:12:41 CST 2002

Hello, everyone,

     I'm in Santa Clara, CA visiting family, and they have a pair of
Macintoshes they'd like the data recovered from.  Both machines (a IIfx
and a IIci) exhibit the same symptoms: They will power on very briefly
(a second or so--long enough to start playing the start-up chime) and
then shut off and will not power on again until power is removed and
reapplied.  So, I'm thinking that both power supplies are dead.

     If anyone is in the area and has either a Mac IIfx power supply
(same as in the IIx and (I think) the II) or a Mac IIci (same as in the
IIcx, I think) power supply that I could borrow for a day or two, I'd be
ecstatic.  I don't need both, just one, since I'm only interested in
recovering the data off the hard drives and burning them to CD.

     Oh, and if my analysis of the machines' symptoms is incorrect, I'd
appreciate a whap with the cluebat.

Jonathan Patschke
  "Albert Einstein nailed space-time, but the wild thing had him stumped.
   Al, baby, two and two make five-and-a-quarter; that's why people fall
   in love." -- Thomas Dolby, "That's Why People Fall in Love"

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