[rescue] Sun IPX Cdrom Booting issues

Benjamin Gardiner cvisors at carnagevisors.net
Thu Dec 26 16:54:51 CST 2002

On Friday, Dec 27, 2002, at 02:05 Australia/Melbourne, Geoffrey S. 
Mendelson wrote:

> Benjamin Gardiner wrote:
>> I am able to boot the cd but when I try and install the miniroot,
>> either via the menu or via the single user shell, I get constant
>> errors, for example,
>> esp0:  Targes 6.0 reverting to async mode
>> sr0:	SCSI transport faied: reason 'data_ovr'": retrying command
> 1. You must be trying to boot SunOs, What version?
> 2. Are you booting by typing "b ...", "boot sd...."  or "boot cdrom"?
> Toshiba drives unless hardware patched for Suns will only work if you
> boot using "boot cdrom". This issues a change blocksize command that 
> all toshiba and Sony drives honor. (but no NEC).
> Geoff.
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I am using boot cdrom. as the command, & the version of sun os is 4.1.4

In regards to blocksize, I believe that the toshiba drive I am using is 
able to do 512 as that is what the sgi machines require.

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