[rescue] Sun IPX Cdrom Booting issues

Geoffrey S. Mendelson Geoffrey.Mendelson at mobileye.com
Thu Dec 26 09:05:42 CST 2002

Benjamin Gardiner wrote:

> I am able to boot the cd but when I try and install the miniroot, 
> either via the menu or via the single user shell, I get constant 
> errors, for example,
> esp0:  Targes 6.0 reverting to async mode
> sr0:	SCSI transport faied: reason 'data_ovr'": retrying command

1. You must be trying to boot SunOs, What version?

2. Are you booting by typing "b ...", "boot sd...."  or "boot cdrom"?

Toshiba drives unless hardware patched for Suns will only work if you
boot using "boot cdrom". This issues a change blocksize command that AFIK
all toshiba and Sony drives honor. (but no NEC).


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